The Citizens’ Council for Food Policy is part of the project “Food Future Switzerland” of the Biovision Foundation, the association Agriculture with a Future, and the Network for Sustainability Solutions (SDSN Switzerland).

These organisations commissioned Collaboratio Helvetica with the process design and implementation of the Citizens’ Council (e.g. the planning and facilitation of the events). DemoSCOPE, was commissioned for with the search and random selection of the participants of the Citizens’ Council.

The process is supported by the Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG), the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) and the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and is financially supported by numerous foundations.

Citizens’ Democracy is following the process and its implementation with action research in collaboration with the University of Zurich and ETHZ in the context of the DIA Tool project.

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The conditions for a sustainable Switzerland are already in place: numerous people and organisations are doing excellent work to shape the future of this country and change our impact on the planet. Unfortunately, however, we often tend to work separately or even compete with each other, even though we have a common goal and purpose and even though we know that our biggest societal challenges can only be solved if actors from all sectors work together. This makes change at the systemic level all the more important. We are convinced that this change starts with ourselves.

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The Knowledge Network on Climate Assemblies (KNOCA) is an initiative of the European Climate Foundation, as a ‘go to’ place for those seeking considered, rigorous and widely-sourced input on the design and implementation of Climate Assemblies. KNOCA strikes a balance between academic quality, practical application, impact and accessibility.

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Motivaction is an independent agency with creative thinkers that look for the best solution for any question. They offer in-depth knowledge on groups of citizens, consumers and businesses through solid segmentation research, target audience research and competitive analysis as well as input for communication- and marketing strategy.

Motivaction is connected to various sector organizations in the area of market research and is a member of a number of international networks that offer certainty and reliability.

Citizens’ Democracy has been working with Motivaction to assess the impact of citizen assemblies perception among the Swiss public.

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The mission of the umbrella association is to develop and promote, throughout Switzerland, a culture and ethics of participation and its ways of application. In order to fulfill this mission, the umbrella association is based on its values, which are formulated in the charter, and sets itself the following goals in particular: bringing Swiss actors together and connecting different lifeworlds, making participation well-known and promoting its recognition, disseminating and developing practices and driving research and knowledge production.

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The Campus for Democracy was founded by the Dialogue Foundation in cooperation with the New Helvetic Society to promote civic education and political participation throughout Switzerland and thus strengthen democracy. Citizens’ Democracy participates in their days concerning communicating and strengthening the Swiss democracy.

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Further think and act movements abroad promoting Citizen Assemblies

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