Citizens’ Democracy is a networking organization for deliberative democracy in Switzerland. Together we are creating a new understanding of politics and democracy by promoting and evaluating citizens’ assemblies.

The aim of Citizens’ Democracy ? As a networking organization, we aim to promote and evaluate citizens’ assemblies in Switzerland, from local to national level. In cooperation with relevant societal and political actors, we serve as a think tank and action group for citizens’ assemblies to strengthen their legitimacy in order to integrate this innovative democratic approach into the policy process.

Citizens’ assemblies ? Citizens’ assemblies are a form of deliberative democracy: instead of being elected, the members of the assembly are randomly selected from the population they are to represent. This allows for balanced deliberation and representation, leading to independent, transparent and long-term oriented decision-making. The assembly consults with experts and stakeholders to reach a conclusion in moderated discussions on various topics. The conclusions may take the form of recommendations or feed into the legislative process.

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