Citizen Assemblies in Switzerland

Academic Citizens’ Assembly

The Academic Citizen Assembly is a project led by Sascha Nick to deliberate on visions for change to tackle the climate crisis within one day.


In the canton of Vaud a new citizen movement was launched to change the cantonal constitution to enable a call for Citizen Assemblies on cantonal level.

Uster Citizens’ Panel for more climate protection 2021/2022

In August & September 2021, a citizens’ panel with 20 randomly selected citizens took place in Uster. The project is supported by the Centre for Democracy (University of Zurich) and financed by the Canton of Zurich.  Further panels on climate protection are planned for Winterthur (spring 2022) and Thalwil (autumn 2022).

Demoscan Citizen Panel (Sion 2019, Geneva 2021)

Demoscan is run by prof. Nenad Stoianovic and his team. More panels are scheduled for 2022 including Aarau and Bellinzona. A neighbourhood contract in an area of Lausanne is also a Demoscan initiative

Demokratie im Dialog

This project has been set up by professor Daniel Gut and his team and is holding dialoguing panels in different cantons in Switzerland.

Citizens’ Forum Geneva 2021

This assembly has dealt with the issue: ‘How do we want to inhabit the territory of Geneva in order to live better together in respect of nature and to face climate change?’ It has adopted 104 measures to answer the question.

Green Party proposal for National Climate Council

This is a motion for a national deliberative citizens’ council to  work alongside the Federal Council and parliamentary commissions.


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