About us

Citizens’ Democracy is a networking organization for deliberative democracy in Switzerland. Together we are creating a new understanding of politics and democracy by promoting and evaluating citizens’ assemblies.

Who we are

We are a dynamic and diverse group of people form all over Switzerland. We are driven by the urgent need of a less polarized, more sustainable and resilient society and we are working towards a society with a balanced deliberation and representation leading to an independent, transparent and long-term oriented decision-making process.

Our vision

We will contribute to creating a new understanding of politics and democracy through the establishment of citizens’ assemblies where all people, by cultivating trust and togetherness, will feel the agency and legitimacy to actively shape their long-term future, and in so doing create a less polarized, more sustainable and resilient society.

Our aim

Citizens’ Democracy aims to promote and evaluate citizens’ assemblies in Switzerland, from local to national levels, thereby fostering a dynamic independent participative democracy based on full transparency and balanced deliberation and representation. In cooperation with relevant societal and political actors, we shall serve as a think and act tank for citizens’ assemblies in order to enhance their legitimacy with a view to integrating this innovative democratic approach into the policy process.

Our objectives

  • Connect efforts on deliberative democracy in Switzerland.
  • Offer expertise in the evaluation of current and future experiments in deliberative democracy.
  • Make people aware of the core principles and values of a good deliberative process and their power in politics.

Our team

We are a small but constantly growing team. Below is a short introduction of some of our members :

  • Translator, idealist, Célia Doloir has joined this group hoping to contrbute to the development of citizens’ assemblies in Switzerland; they are the key to dealing with the political impasse around the issue of the climate crisis.
  • Alexandra Gavilano is an environmental scientist and activist and catalyst for social transformation. Her experience in campaigning in NGOs and grassroots-movements regarding the climate and ecological crisis, has led her to rethink the current political system and find new approaches to strengthen democracy in Switzerland.
  • fter over 30 years in the teaching profession, Paolo Jacomelli is now a pensioner with plenty of time to dedicate to environmental movements and putting people at the the heart of decision making.
  • Born and raised with plenty of international background and experienced in automotive engineering and repair, Riaan Kämpfer has done organizational and strategical work in different environmental movements since 2019. He is now finalizing his studies in Mobile Robotics with the aim of gaining as much knowledge as possible and to have a sustainable impact on our future.
  • Lorenz Schmid has already accelerated particles at CERN and is now working as an electrical engineer on the next generation of mobile communication. He is committed to a society that works for the many, not the few.

Our Network

Citizens’ assemblies are gaining more and more importance all over the world and in Switzerland. We are in steady exchange with multiple organisations and projects on a national as well as international level :



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