Connecting Swiss deliberative democracy initiatives & design, evaluate and implement Citizens’ Assemblies


Citizens’ Democracy is a networking organization for deliberative democracy initiatives in Switzerland. Together we are creating a new understanding of politics and democracy by designing, implementing, promoting and evaluating Citizens’ Assemblies.

Citizens’ assemblies ? Citizens’ assemblies are a form of deliberative democracy: instead of being elected, the members of the assembly are randomly selected from the population they are to represent. This allows for balanced deliberation and representation, leading to independent, transparent and long-term oriented decision-making. The assembly consults with experts and stakeholders to reach a conclusion in moderated discussions on various topics. The conclusions may take the form of recommendations or feed into the legislative process.




  • Citizens’ Democracy launches own crowdfunding

    Is democracy important to you? Dear family, dear friends, dear people, Citizens’ Democracy is a network organisation for deliberative democracy in Switzerland. Together we create a new understanding of politics and democracy by promoting and evaluating citizens’ assemblies. We are a dynamic and diverse group of people from all over Switzerland. We are committed … Read more

  • Brussels launches permanent citizens’ assembly on climate

    The Brussels-Capital Region has announced that it will launch a permanent Citizens’ Assembly on Climate in 2023. Each year, the assembly will bring together 100 citizens to select topics, deliberate and come to recommendations. The citizens will also have a role in following up what the Brussels government does with the recommendations. The government for … Read more

  • Citizens’ Democracy press release on the first national Citizens Assembly – 7.11.22

    Citizens’ Democracy press release on the first national Citizens Assembly – 7.11.22 Fresh impetus for food policy through more dialogue and democracy The first Citizens’ Council is an important pilot project that demonstrates the potential of Citizens’ Councils to speed up the democratic search for solutions. Citizens’ Democracy was involved in the accompanying research and … Read more


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